What does an investment banking associate do?

Investment Business Associates play an important role in our economy and the way we all do business. Even most small or local businesses are sometimes affected by the way the stock market is working and how these banking investors do their job. The responsibility of an investment associate is huge and many of these people have told about how exhausting it is to work as one of these associates in today’s economy, not only do they often work very long hours but they also must go through a lot of training and keep up on the newest developments in the stock market and economy.

What Does an Investment Banking Associate Do?
The responsibility of an Investment Banking Associate varies greatly, depending on the associate’s education level, the economic state of the area, the stock market and how much experience the associate has. Most Investment Associates work under the guidance of a senior banker, though some of these associates are the senior banker. The banking associates recommend to clients various investment strategies for their own needs. They advise clients on getting the most out of stocks and bonds trading based on the clients specific needs and desires, they help their client to prepare corporate documents, offer IPO (Initial Public Offering) on security exchanges and advises M&A (mergers and acquisitions).

How Much Money does an Investment Banking Associate Makes Annually?
A typical Investment Associate will make anywhere from $75,000 to $250,000 in a year. A study by The Bureau of Labor Statistics in 2008, showed that the average Investment Associate makes over $87,000 annually, not including bonuses. The Associate will make more money if they are working for a larger investment firm, such as a ‘bulge- bracket’ firm than if they were working for a regional company. It is very common for an associate to work well over 40 hours per week and they often work late into the night and sometimes through till early morning.

What Kind of Education Does an Investment Business Associate Usually Acquire?
Many of these Investment Banking Associates have been looked at as almost genius since they must take several challenging math and calculus classes in college, as well as Latin and many other challenging courses. Most of Investment Associates will have at least a Master degree in either finance statistics, business administration or investment banking. Some of these professionals even move forward to get their doctorate in finance, business or economics. ‘Breaking- in’ to the investment world has often been said to be a real challenge, especially to those who are new in the industry, because of the ever- changing developments and advancements. It is for this reason that Investment Banking Associates attend regular training sessions to update them on the newest stock market and trading trends.

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If you are interested in going into the stock market and trading industry, know that it is very hard work, but the job usually will pay very well. If you are looking into investing, try to hire one of these associates to get the most out of your money.